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Chula Global Innovation Club

Chulalongkorn University’s vision is to generate and support “Innovations for Society” through collaboration with multi-stakeholders in an open and integrated manner to serve society at large. Leading sustainable futures through innovation, research, and education, the CU Innovation Hub is the University’s innovation & entrepreneurship platform for students, faculties, and people with creative ideas to innovate and turn research into practice and scaleup. To date, more than 350 innovation-driven teams with over US$600 million valuation have been founded to create innovative solutions to improve people’s quality of life and benefit more than three million lives. The Chula Global Innovation Club chaired by the Ambassador of Thailand to the United States of America, H.E. Mr. Tanee Sangrat, and the President of Chulalongkorn University, Prof. Bundhit Eau-arporn, and supported by partners from public and private organizations (i.e. BOI, NXPO, NIA, DEPA, DITP, DIP, Innospace, Thai startup, Techsauce, CU Enterprises) aim to accelerate scaleup, raise global VC and CVCs funds, and target more than US $1.5 billion valuation from the University’s professor spinoffs.

The following are the top 5 Chula deep technology startups in 2023:

Baiya Phytopharm Co., Ltd., a plant-based technology, “Baiyapharming,” is a cutting-edge solution aiming to replace biotech fermenters with plants. The platform has the flexibility to produce biopharmaceutical products of interest within weeks rather than months or years, resulting in a faster process and lower cost of research and development. Founded in 2018, the industrial scale production under the cGMP facility is located in Bangkok, Thailand, to produce clinical materials of plant-produced protein, one of the fastest growths in life sciences start-ups in the ASEAN region. The product pipeline includes next-generation immunotherapies for cancers and rare diseases, and novel treatment for infectious diseases in which plant is the only viable platform to produce vaccines for infectious diseases. Currently, two products are in human trials and more than 10 products are in the pre-clinical evaluation stage. Baiya is seeking series B funding (US$65 million) to get other of their products further into clinical trials. Company Profile:

HG Robotics Co., Ltd. or HiveGround, founded in Thailand in 2011, has evolved into a cutting-edge robotics firm with the belief that robotics can enhance human potential and create a prosperous future. Our core technology, which blends advanced robotics and a platform, helps users improve efficiency, reduces costs, and relies less on human labor. Our flagship product, the TIGER DRONE, is a crucial component of the Precision Agriculture Ecosystem and we aim to tap into the large ($4+ billion) Southeast Asian market for spraying drones to expand globally. We have received investment from prominent investors including SET, GSB, PTT, SCG, True, and CP, from seed funding in 2016 to Series B in 2021. Our team comprises highly skilled individuals with degrees from top universities in the USA, Japan, and Thailand. We are currently seeking funding for series C to grow operations, R&D, and expand our business in Southeast Asia and globally. Company Profile:

Nabsolute Co., Ltd. develops delivery systems for healthcare products using nano-modified biopolymers. The patented delivery system, “Hy-N Technology,” improves the efficacy and stability of cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical products. Our technology is versatile, stable, and robust. It is scientifically tested and proven to have higher efficacy, be safer to use, and be easier to synthesize. Currently, Hy-N is used in many products from reputable cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Our paying customers include The British Dispensary, H.E.M, and the Government Pharmaceutical Organization. Founded in 2020, Nabsolute is a research-oriented company that strives to transform impactful research into an innovation that benefits society and improves people’s health. Nabsolute is seeking Pre-Series A funding of US$4 million for new developments and international expansion. Find out more about Nabsolute at

Mineed Technology Technology Co., Ltd. uses its patent-protected detachable microneedle technology to effectively deliver drugs to the skin. With advanced engineering at Mineed Technology, the platform not only provides accurate dosage delivery but also leaves no skin damage; this is primarily accomplished by the two-minute quick detachment technology. Consequently, this technology can be applied to a wide range of healthcare applications, including the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, vaccine, and even diagnostic industries, for which the company is currently gaining traction via various business channels. The company has finished the seed round fundraising in 2021. Company Technology:

CrystalLyte Co., Ltd. CrystaILyte - patented methods allow the creation of high-performance thin-film carbon nanomaterials products, including graphene, graphite, and nanodiamond for downstream developments. Because we use unlimited resources of CO2 as the raw materials and room temperature process, we can do it at a much lower cost with lower energy requirements and lower carbon footprints. Our products can be a game changer for a longer driving range and safer EVs. We are now developing battery parts for EVs with our industrial partners to enter the global rechargeable batteries market, which is projected to reach 150$ billion by 2030. Our paper is the first paper in the world to demonstrate that graphene and nanodiamond can be grown as a thin- film on a metal substrate at room temperature using carbon dioxide as the carbon source with only a small amount of electrical energy supplied (2AA batteries). CrystalLyte is seeking series A funding (US$10 million). Company Profile:



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