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OHESDC Visits Richardson Innovation Quarter (Richardson IQ)

On May 16th, 2023, Dr. Sedthapan Krajangwongs, Minister-Counsellor (Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation) and Ms. Pranaya Junloy, Communication Assistant, met with Jenny Mizutowicz, Director of Economic Development, and Mr. Eugene Chen, International Business Development Consultant for the City of Richardson at Richardson Innovation to discuss ways to support Thai Startups's access to the US market and investment in Texas. The Minister-Counselor described the missions of Thailand's Global Innovation club and shared 2 lists of Thai startups (from Chulalongkorn University's spinoff and Thai Startup Trade Association) with Richardson IQ. The team from Richardson IQ also talked about the startup ecosystem in Dallas and Richardson and took the OHESDC team on a tour of the facilities to look at the projects and collaboration that Richardson IQ has done with the University of Texas in Dallas (UTD).

Richardson IQ

The Richardson Innovation Quarter, also known simply as the “Richardson IQ®” or “The IQ®,” is a living laboratory for big ideas and ground-breaking technology. It’s an amenity-rich environment where entrepreneurs take risks and are supported by the Richardson community; where start-ups and scale-ups can collaborate and thrive; and where nearby college graduates come to live, work and invent. It’s a place where special things happen.

The IQ® is home to technology-related start-ups, corporate research and development, manufacturers, education institutions, nonprofit organizations, restaurants, entrepreneurs, designers, researchers, inventors, educators, and students. With over 19,000 workers and more than 1,000 businesses, The IQ® spurs the creativity and collaboration that drives innovation and growth.

With its 500-acre campus located in the City of Richardson, UTD and the City of Richardson have partnered to support the region’s startup and entrepreneur community and develop five new university research centers. The five new research centers will fall under the umbrella of UTD’s new Emerging Novel Technology Center. The collaboration establishes a formidable physical and symbolic presence for both the City and UTD in a showcase “HQ for The IQ®.”

This initiative is a critical step in the realization of the Richardson Innovation Quarter vision to be the premier tech hub in Texas. The space will help stimulate collaboration across businesses, attract new jobs, and strengthen partnerships between the City of Richardson, UTD, and the business community.

UTD is a key local driver of innovation that can seed start-ups and provide training for the workforce in the Richardson IQ®. The space, which is owned by the City of Richardson, will serve as the headquarters for the Richardson IQ® and will house several educational, training, and research components from UTD. In addition, an extension of UTD’s Venture Development Center (VDC) will also be located at this facility.

UT Dallas Venture Development Center

UTD’s Venture Development Center (VDC) extension in the facility provides a series of free and paid programs, including CEO leadership startup boot camps, a series on fundraising, sales, and marketing for startups, mentor office hours, networking events, an inspirational speaker series and a startup internship and career fair. The VDC is a leading incubator designed to help students, faculty, and alumni commercialize their ideas and inventions.


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